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Gimp makes us down load gimp on a unsafe site.

I have a serious complaint. when you download gimp, it makes you go download it somewhere else. The problem is that that site has a virus on it. It brought me to I was going to download Gimp but my security blocked it because it said it was a virus. If Gimp doesn't believe me, they should argue with Mcafee, not me. Why can't Gimp make us download gimp on its own site?

Downloading the GIMP installer from won't help. Notifying McAfee helps them to weed out false positives.

May be a confusing typo in your message:
if you was redirected to a side called that looks as a fishing attempt and the problem may be in your computer or browser

But if the site name is, that is correct and the problem is only a false positive to report to Mcfee..and anyway that antivirus should offer you , as those from other company, a option to ignore the warning and/or add items to a "white list"

Thank you so much for your post.

the gimp download site is not sourceforge .com BUT

So if you ended on sourceforge .com that may even be a fishing attempt,...but i bet "com" was a typo and you intended""
that is a know and trusted site, used by thosands of developers.

So you should not complain here but complain with Mcafee for the false positive

I say "you" because you are the client of Mcafee ,...that is a problem of Mcafee and of its unlucky clients not of GIMP.

Sorry if my reply may sound harsh but that false affermation on the Title of your message (at least you could have added a question mark !!) may ignite irritated replies

If you want to solve wrote to Mcafee Consumer Assistance,

Well McAfee is a horrible antivirus anyhow so its not surprising it would block a safe site but if your getting redirected to an improper unsafe site there's still the possibility that your browser is infected with a malware which you downloaded from a site that has addons to GIMP I would do a system scan in that case and check your localhost file to see if it has been tampered with.

Tthat is not a hidden redirection,
You are directed to the place where are stored the Windows installers that you want download ...simply as that

The Gimp Windows installers are hosted on Sourceforge ,not by ...that doesn't mean that there is something suspicious in the files

About the alert ...just another case of false positive

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