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Help With saving Images in .DDS

I am trying to save some JPG/BMP/PNG images files to a DDS format. I keep getting this error message each time I try to save the file.

"DDS: Cannot generate mipmaps for compressed images whose dimensions are not powers of 2.
Saved image will not have mipmaps generated. "

The resulting .dds file is not recognizable in nifscope. I am making texture files for the game 'Oblivion'. Any help with this would be appreciated.


the dimensions of your image need to be "powers of 2", so resize it to that. Some examples would be 256x256, 512x2048, 1024x512, etc. When you're done with your image and ready to convert it, first resize it to something in that format. Should work fine after that. Here's some good guidelines for what types of compression to use:

And since you're texturing for Oblivion, make sure to check out the normalmap plugin:

Yes that was the problem. I was trying to save regular image sizes like 1200x800 and 1024x768 which are your common screen sizes. To me they are powers of two meaning they were even numbers. "powers of 2' refer to the ratio. Now the problem is trying to crop an image to the proper sizes without distorting it. Also, I want to convert some woodgrain images to texture files to use in the game but when I add them to any furniture meshes the grains are huge and distorted. How do I reduce them in size so that they appear on the furniture in the proper size?

You really don't need to crop it, just scale it into a similar size. So for 1200x800, you can probably resize to 1024x512. As far as the distortion goes, alot of that can be adjusted in the meshes UV map. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me at the official boards. Or just start a thread, almost everyone there will be happy to help.

If you can only save dds files in certain sizes, why do I have dds game files in irregular sizes like 1067x1072, 367x352, etc? They are not recognizable in nifscope yet work fine in the game. If I convert them to the proper size, then nifscope will recognize them. Does PhotoShop or any other program allow saving dds files in non-standard sizes?

I just played around with the plugin, and you're right, you can save dds files to goofy dimensions. You can generate mipmaps too, but I couldn't get any of the compression types to work. So there you go. I would guess the reason they don't work in Nifskope, is its coded to use the standard dimensions that everyone has been using since at least Morrowind. I'm actually surprised that the odd sized textures are working in-game.

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