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Fake HDR Effect Help!!!

I am VERY new to GIMP and just installed 2.6 from CNET. I have been reading vairous Blogs such as this one and GIMPForums, and I see in order to give a "HDR" effect there is a plugin in Scritp Fu caled "Fake HDR Effect". Well I already have Script Fu... but I don't see the HDR effect. Please HELP!!!!

I'm not familiar with the fake HDR plugin, but a rgrep -i hdr /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/ came up with salonen-dynamic-range-extender.scm, which should be accessible in your GIMP menu at FX-Foundry/Photo/Enhancement/Dynamic Range Extender. Here's the first sentence of its description:
"Blend two differently exposed images together thus increasing dynamic range." Hope it's of any use.

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