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How to Install Luminance HDR on Windows Vista HELP!

Need help installing Luminance HDR on WIndows VIsta...I have downloaded the program but I am having issues installing it. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Can you provide a link to this script/plug-in?

See the "Get Help" link at the top right of your screen?

Believe he's referring to qtpfsgui (now it's called Luminance HDR) Mahvin. Believe they went commercial thought it's Open Source (last time I checked anyway, which was over a year ago). It was fun for a short time but never really had much use for it. :)

Is it a standalone app? Can you help this person figure out how to use it?

Oops, I guess he figured it out on his own.

I know qtptfsgui was stand-a-lone so assuming the same for Luminance HDR. It is an HDR program but still you might be able to pass a PNG file using Shellout. :)

I use Linux and do not have this program running on my system, so I won't be of much help. Perhaps other users (as they become available) will be able to help you with Luminance HDR.

The "Get Help" link takes you FAQ on how to install scripts (files with .scm extensions) and Plug-ins (files with .exe or .py extensions).

It appears that Luminance HDR is a standalone program, not a GIMP plug-in.

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