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Photoshop Layer Style

I'm new to photo editing and I have a tutorial for photoshop. When the video goes into using "Layer Styles" I get LOST!

Is there a plug-in that emulates photoshop's "Layer Styles"?


Hey! I found one that works with GIMP. You'll find it at: .<=======

I used it to Bevel and Emboss a layer. It worked fine and looks great. <=======

Try it!


I have no experience with this functionality, but based on a video about this feature I just saw, I would say gimp doesnt have "infrastructure" for this.

You can emulate some of the effects using GIMP Lighting Effects, but no official way of working with styles in GIMP unfortunately. :)

Thanx for the link but this plugin doesn't fully solves the problem.

Regards, Ademartoe

Someone re-opened this link and it does a pretty good job at emulating certain types of styles and you might be interested in it. :)

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