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Opening as Layers

When I try to open images as layers (to save in psd) I manage to open a few and then the program crashes, told that "Gimp has stopped working : a problem caused this program to stop working properly". I have installed and reinstalled, attempted to open only one image at a time as layers, shut down all other applications running, restarted my pc, name it. Can anyone help me please?


this is either caused by your antivirus program blocking Gimp, or the user/.gimp-2.6 folder needs to be dragged to the trash can, or you have added something to Gimps directory structure it doesn't like.Such as DLL files (a common cause of Gimp crashing).
1) Turn off your antivirus software while running Gimp.

If that doesn't work
2) Dump the USER\.gimp-2.6 folder
Gimp will rebuild this folder and it's sub folders on re-load.
Note: take out the resources you want to save such as brushes, patterns, scripts, and plugins.
Place them aside and trash the rest (especially the rc files).

Re-start Gimp.It will re-initialize everything and re-write the directory.
Gimp will load with a new window default setup.Just reorganize your docks and whatever else you had setup your custom way.

3) If this doesn't solve the problem -
Have you added any new DLL files to Gimps plug-in or bin directory?
If you have remove them and try Gimp again.

Try those and see where it gets you.Those are the 3 most common causes Gimp stops working or functioning correctly.

thank you

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