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I'm looking for a complete replacement/s for the expensive suite Photoshop CS5. Having to upgrade it every year for a mint then it still contain bugs is irritating. I've used GIMP in its default interface and find it to be a great alternative to some degree. Which plug-ins would you recommend to give me some of the features missing in the default install found in Photoshop? The reason I ask here is because I figure there are many people who have already embarked such a quest. Would you consider this as being practical?


Not sure how you used Photoshop to answer a question generally. I would recommend Resynthesizer and then the healing Script-fus that work with it. I use this often to remove objects and heal bad areas. Still, the more you use GIMP, the better you will understand how it works. :)

I use it for multiple things. Each which are separate projects requiring different resources. I'm a male model, photographer and web developer. The latter is because I prefer to simply do it myself rather than deal with the hassle of someone else doing it for me. I've been hitting up Google after posting this to find good plug-ins. It seems to me that GIMP is a good alternative. The pitfall is having to spend the extra time finding plug-ins.

Off-topic One serious request to developers is a complete redesign of the [default] user interface. Sophistication is only at its finest when met with simplicity. There are several individual GIMP projects. It would be nice to see them merge to greatly enhance it. The goal wouldn't be to build a Photoshop lookalike, yet rather to make it a much stronger platform plus more user friendly overall. Another request is to integrate, merge and further enhance the most valuable plug-ins into GIMP. The new options built-in would be turned off by default in the new user interface. My biggest recommendation is to completely examine your legal status if you haven't already. That way when the big monopolistic patent/copyright trolls come knocking, you can tell them to take a hike.