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Cylinder Mirror Illusion


Does anyone know if a plugin exists to create cylinder mirror illusions? The best way to describe one is to look at this picture:

Its basically a distorted image that becomes clear in a cylindrical mirror

Thanks for any help!

I dont think so if you looked around theres probably not one but this effect can proaby be achieved in gimp I havent dony it but you would probably make your cylinder guess kind of what you want then paste it on your cylinder then im not for sure about a mirror effect look around for one **** added I was still online had this tab still up heres what i would try to do. I dont have gimp on this computer so i cant see if this work well ( look you can make any image in gimp just getting the right colors in the tiny boxes is the problem). Find a background you want to use make your cylinder then use your perspective tool to adjust how you want it. I wouldnt do a lot of adjusting yet just see if this works then copy what you want to reflect use the iwrap tool play around with it .what you paste on the cylinder. then doing a little of shine something like that would make it more better. this probably will work but i dont know how well it will look. Hpe this helps Im no professional or anything just a hobbyist

Thanks for the reply, I've been playing around with this but no joy yet... I'll just have to keep trying to get the right colours in the tiny boxes!

A freeware solution (non-Gimp) that may help windows users is "Anamorph Me!" Main Site (well worth reading) Download URL is:- Program calculates the desired anamorphic image and works well. Good Luck!

you may use filter/map /map to object one of option is for cilinder
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