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Plug-in installation location on a Mac

I have searched for this both in the help and the online references listed in the FAQ's, but still am having trouble locating the directory listed as my plug in folder.

When I open the Preferences/folders/plugins location folders, I see the following destination /tmp/skl/

Problem is I can't find this folder anywhere. I added a location for plug-ins in my Documents folder (Documents/Gimp Plugins) but the ones I place in there don't show up when I run GIMP 2.6

I have searched on line, Google, and the Beginning GIMP book I purchased to no avail. So, I finally broke down and had to ask :o\

So, where should I be looking? Incidently, this /tmp/etc... path seems to be listed for many of the folder paths that are listed in the preferences. Seems easier to find on a windows machine...

Thanks in advance for the help!


I'm by no means an expert, and not being in front of my Mac right now, I'm only creating this from memory. But I believe the path to the plug-ins and brushes, etc. is this:

user/library/application support/gimp/plug-ins

Again, I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure "application support" is in that path.

The script-fu scripts are kept inside the application resource package:
Go to the Gimp application and control-click on it;
select 'Show Package Contents';
go to Contents>Resources>share>gimp>2.0>scripts;
and insert the script-fu script.

If Gimp is running, activate the script by going to Filters in the menu and select Script-Fu>Refresh Scripts.

This confirms what I read last night after posting this question... I have used a Mac for a little over a year, and while I pride myself in figuring out computers in my previous PC life, I am still not sure about the innards of the Mac yet :o\

After posting this last night, I went to bed and read the chapter in Beginning GIMP book (highly recommended... great read) on plug ins and scripts, and saw this same suggestion in a highlighted box. I woke my wife up by shouting "Ah Ha!"

I NEVER would have known this with out the help offered here and in the book, so Thanks for the post.... I am now off to try it.

Many Thanks!


I am reminded of a story where a large manufacturing company had some fancy equipment go down. They called the engineer who came out to the site, examined the situation, and after thinking and stroking his chin for a while, took a hammer and hit the machine near it's base. It started up and began working perfectly.

He wrote out a bill for $10,000 and handed it to the foreman. "$10,000 for THAT!? I want an itemized bill!".

The engineer wrote out the statement:

$1 = Hitting machine with a hammer
$9,999 = Knowing where to hit it.

And that my friends is why you guys rock!

Thanks again. Plug ins installed and working perfectly.


I tried what was outlined in the comment "Plug-in location" but when I clicked "refresh scripts" I received several error messages. Here's one of them

"Error while loading /tmp/skl/

Error: eval: unbound variable: "

Any help with this would be most appreciated.

I recently got a MacBook Pro and I had to forfeit using Photoshop on my old worn out PC Laptop. So, I got GIMP and I'd like to add the "Layer effects" script or plug-in but I'm having trouble doing so.

I'm running Mac OSX Lion 10.7 and I have Gimp 2.6 installed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The scripts are for a older version of gimp
(or contain a typo,or some copy & paste error)

I tried finding an older version of gimp for Mac and I couldn't find it.

I deleted everything I had of gimp off my mac and then downloaded gimp 2.6 again. (the only version i could find for mac)

I think followed the instructions like I did last time and control clicked on the gimp icon went into the right folder and put the script-fu document in that scripts folder (that was a hard folder to find)

Then like last time I went back into gimp and went to were you refresh the the scripts and this time no error messages.

My only guess is that in all my trial and error leading up to discovering the correct way i must have messed something up.

Anyway it works least it appears to be so far.

So if anyone happens to be in the same boat i was in...

That's the way I happened to get things to work. yeah!

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