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PSD Screwing up. PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 32996

I am saving my files as PSD so I can switch between GIMP and Shop on the fly. I keep getting this message and it's made me repeat hours of work already done. I finally got this file looking good and behold, the one time I forget to save xcf too, it gives me this message.

PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 32996

I am tired of losing countless days of work to this bug. Photoshop won't open it. Gimp 2.6 won't open it. I'm going to try an unstable version and see if it somehow fixes this long enough for me to save it as xcf. I cannot keep coloring the same thing. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me fix this so I'm not out a days work.


Tried installing unstable 2.7. STILL giving me this error. I am still out a days work. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Note that Gimp version 2.6.1 did fix at least one PSD load plugin bug. See Bugzilla for GImp bug number 555222. However, it might not be the same bug. Also, I would hope that bugs fixed in 2.6.1 are still in the latest unstable version 2.7. But it depends on how the Gimp developers proceed between versions, which I can't speak to. To help others, I think you should report this bug and attach the file that shows the bug. Especially if the case is as discussed above: Gimp created the file and Gimp won't read the file. plashless, off banks of noon

@bootchk reading better the first message i believe you are right If was saved by Gimp Gimp should be able to open it, if not is a Gimp bug i may try to guess what trigger the bug ( text layers and/or layer mode not supported by PS as grain merge ) but anyway if that , remain a bug In case should pop out a advice as "before save as PSD please convert text layer(s) in normal layer" or " Grain merge mode is not supported by PSD ...merge down the layer and try again"...or that should be automatically done by Gimp. But if saved from gimp without error messages then should be possible to open it again

If you want to work with PSD, then stick to Photoshop. There's just no way for Free Software to support PSD reliably, due to Adobe's licensing of the file format specification.

Its not clear, but I interpret the situation as: Gimp won't open a PSD file that Gimp created. In other words, the user saved their work as a PSD file with success, closed Gimp, restarted Gimp, and was unable to read the PSD file. If that is the case, it is not fair to blame Adobe. Whatever Gimp writes, it should be able to read. I think it is a bug worth reporting. It is different to dissavow Gimp being able to reliably read and write files that Adobe programs can read and write. plashless, off banks of noon

It has been suggested to drop PSD altogether because of problems like this.

Instead then drop support will be possible add a error message ? AS "error- save as PSD failed i can't create PSD with layer(s) in Grain Merge Mode" "error- save as PSD failed PLEASE convert the text layer(s) before export as PSD" That will fix, user will know that export failed and so will be able to guess how solve or find some workaround, instead then be simply disappointed

The whole save and export workflow is going to change in 2.8. An image can only be saved as XCF (.bz2, .gz), any other format will require an export. See for more information.

This should make it harder to end up with an incompatible file as the only  instance of your work.

Subject says it all. We've all lost work at some time or another so my advice: When working on a file (let's say 'Picture.xcf'), be sure to save every so often, but also do a 'Save As' and save it as 'Picture_02.xcf' after you do a significant amount of work. I tend to do so every hour or so. When working in GIMP. save as XCF until you are ready to use PS, then export a PSD. Same goes for PS - save as PSD until you are ready to export another format. In summary: awlays save your work in the format native to the program, and be sure to make new copies as you work. In the long run, you will save many hours of work. Chris

This script: makes it easy to create a unique backup on the fly, simpler than the 'Save As' and changing the name. -Rob A>

A additional note to C33dog suggestion When saving PSD from PS if you want use them with NOT_ADOBE programs you MUST save them using the "backward compatible " option Or not even "older-then-CS" PS versions will be able to open them, and for sure not Gimp

This complicated issue you can solve out with the aid of next program. owns quite effective facilities allowing to work out almost every trouble with crashed or deleted psd files.

I hope but i fear that he has that problem when trying to export as .psd FROM GIMP

The problems is usually derived when saving image wich layers contain layer mode unsupported by PS (as grain merge or grain combine) and/or text layer (PS doesn't support gimp text layer and vice versa )

I doubt that utility may solve it (i will be happy to be proofed wrong ) while i believe may be useful in other cases

This error occurs when saving in version 2.6 of GIMP. If, while saving, the x button is pressed in the process bar or the x to close the photo is closed, it will corrupt the header of the information of the document.

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