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Plug-in for SketchPad?

I really need help, I just set my dad up with his first wacom and I presumed these new programs would have other formats that it would save to, but it looks like the only format that it'll let you save anything in Corel Sketchpad, is .sketchpad.... so yeah lol, I was about to show him how he could draw in that program and transfer to another to edit and add fonts.... but this just threw a wrench in the gears having trouble finding a plug-in for this, also this is a windows rig instead of linux.

Windows or linux here is not relevant if the wacom 's driver works and from what you say seems working.

you simply have NOT to use Corel Sketchpad if has that limitation, that program is not needed to use the graphic tablet (i suppose was given you as a gift when you got the tablet but is not part of the tablet neither a valuable gift:
a good gift would be corel PAINTER not that).

if the driver works you may simply set up gimp to use the tablet (gimp and/or any other graphic editor you like ).

And if you do you will be able to save in any format you like ...well is always better save using the propietary format (xcf for Gimp, psd for Photoshop ) but after saving you may also export as png, jpg, tiff , openraster and many other format

So just forget for the timewhile the corel thingy, and CHECK THIS LINK

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