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Help with Water Reflection

First off - VERY impressed with GIMP and all the support! Figured I would try to learn how to use it. Reading tuts, downloading scripts, setting preferrences etc., Right?

Unfortunately I am barely proficient with PSP 6,, IcoFX etc.
but like to think I am not a total idiot? Can this be that difficult?
I must be/am missing something.

Tried the "How to create a water reflection in GIMP" tutorial.
The only one I found on this so far.

UGHH ...
(banging head on desk after 2nd step) i.e.
add a mask - what kind of mask?
Use scissors to crop image - I need to go to "scissor school"
And the frustrations progressed ...

The goal is to make my wallpaper image with water, ripple or reflect.
The water in the image is existing so I dont need to add it, just make it ripple. My head is starting to swell ... ANY suggestions, tips would be GREATLY appreciated!


well, it seems you are not too proficient with layers and mask (no matter which image processing application you use)

I have never tried something like this but I found these links, probably you know them: (is it your tutorial you refer to?) - this probably automates process described above...

I would say you dont to need extend image (downwards) to append fake water, just make current water (semi?)transparent and put in a layer below a reflection created as described above.

In step 2 you are removing water (completely) and it is done with mask - here you should first need to understand how mask works
And one from Youtube here i like
There is probably even a script to automate the effect for you if you search for one. :)

Thanks wac,
Tried those and still cant figure out what to save it as. Thinking VBscript FLASH or something? Not surer why I am making this soo difficult, It cant be, can it?

Save it s a PNG extension.Save it also as a XCF file for need be future editing.
Saving as PNG also allows you to preserve transparency in the image.

Right on 95,
That 1st link was the tutorial. Tried the 2nd tutorial but dont know what to save the file as to use it as a wallpaper.
Thanks for the reply.

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