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Still get "error starting Ghostscript" ...sigh

I have downloaded gs904w64 for my Win 7 64 bit. I have added the C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.04\bin\gswin64c.exe system variable to GS_PROG. Still get the error when trying to open up an .EPS in GIMP 2.6.11

Any ideas much appreciated.


Change to C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.04\bin\gswin64.exe
That works for me on my win7 64bit.

did not help that either...

Ghostscript doesn't work for me with gimp 2.7, no problem with the stable version

Could anyone of you try to check why this happens? A first step could be the Process Monitor Tool from Microsoft, this will tell which files are being opened. The Process Explorer tool (or the task manager in recent versions of Windows) can also be used to make sure that the GS_PROG environment variable is actually present in the environment of the plug-in process when trying to load a Postscript file.

If you use the GIMP Portable 2.7.3 64 bit (Partha) change the two files (gspawn-win32-helper.exe and gspawn-win32-helper-console.exe) in the bin folder to the 64bit versions.

Ghostscript (eps; ps; pdf)- generally badly works with Gimp 2.7
Is it possible that a portable version works - stable no works ?
What is the difference between versions? - Is probably the key to solving this problem!

that you have to make sure you add it to the system variable and not the user variable.
This works on some systems.So make sure of that before you go any further.It's easy to confuse one with the other. :) that is not the issue. I have also tried opening the files in freeFileViewer and that works. However, the size of the files are 18MB+ and they are produced in 2003. Could any of this be the problem?

If I cannot get this going, is there any other free (open source) .eps editors out there that I could look into?


...looked in the task manager and it said GIMP *32 even though I am running Win 7 64? Anyways, I downloaded the newest unstable version of GIMP and this one finally could open my .eps files.

Thanks for your tips!

Add GS_PROG as a SYSTEM Environment Variable with following text (your version may vary):

C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.05\bin\gswin32c.exe

Note the path should NOT be enclosed in quotation marks, unlike the format for Windows shortcuts et al.

Close all open GIMP processes after installing, then start a new GIMP. I am running GIMP v2.6.11.

GS_PROG was defined before installing Ghostscript, but I think the key was removing quotes from around the path.

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