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NEWBIE Please help downloading script

please help, I downloladed Gimp and as I was searching for plug-ins I came across National
Geographic script, which I wold love to have, I am using windows 7 EI8 , I downloaded the script and put it in the script folder, I went into Gimp and tried to retrieve the script but it's nowhere. I have the latest version of Gimp just downloaded the other day. I went to filter clicked sript-fu , cliked refresh and nothing happened. I noticed on some tutorials the Scrip-Fu was on the main tool bar I have it in filters could that be the problem if so how do I correct it. Thank you


placing it in your Documents and Settings/UserName/.gimp-2.6/ scripts folder will be found in the menus here...
Filters -> Generic -> National Geographic

You can have quite a few Script-Fu menu items depending on the way a script is written.
The main Script-Fu menu item is under Filters/Script-Fu/ and Refresh Scripts will be one menu sub item there.

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