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IS it possible to save multipage PDF in GIMP 2.6.11?

I have GIMP 2.6.11 installed in Mac OS X 10.6.

GIMP can open multipage (6 pages) PDF document  in layers,

however, when I try  to save same document back in PDF the program saves only the first page , not all six as the orgiinal PDF.

A message appears that program will flatten the layers.

I've tried different ways - with Print with Export but no success...

IS there any  to save multiple pages PDF document in GIMP and if yes how exactly it is done?

Thanks in advance





No actually gimp can't save in multipage pdf

Actually, you can.

When you open a PDF into GIMP you can request it open in layers.
Then you can increase the canvas size to accommodate all the layers. Most of the time this is a height requirement.
Then you turn off the view for all but the last page using the eyeball icon button on each layer.
Then click on the 'Move' tool and slide the page to the bottom.
Then click on the eyeball icon to view the next to last page.
Then, again, using the 'Move' tool slide that page above the bottom one.
Then do the same for the rest of the pages.
Save the file as XCF format, GIMP's native format.
Then when you are done with alignment, print to PDF.

Now, I am experiencing with GIMP on Ubuntu Linux that if I print it any which way somehow CUPS prints in the zoom size (for me, 33.3%) that is result of the above steps rather than at 100% even though the GIMP output is 100%. I check the canvas size, image size and print size and all are correct. I am not understanding why CUPS is doing this. So, I have to increase the print zoom/scale size (usually to 200%) accordingly in order for it to print properly. I suppose I am missing some adjustment in this process but this does work.

Wait wait wait! Hold the horses! There is a MUCH easier way to save multi page PDF via GIMP, hat tip to Patrick Nagel.

1) Reverse order of layers (page one is bottom layer)
2) Save as .mng
3) On command line, 'convert file.mng file.pdf'

You need ImageMagick installed of course, or GraphicsMagick I think in Windows.

Done! So easy! :D

thank you for posting this buddhaflow
for future travellers the simplest way imho to do step one is to click on Layers -> Stack -> Reverse layer order

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