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Seamless linen tiling

Hello! I'm new to GIMP and am using it to create textile designs. I'm looking for a seamless linen/weave plug-in that I can use on my designs so that when they repeat there is no border between each tile. The "weave" tool that GIMP has doesn't seem to quite cut it, even after I apply the "make seamless" feature. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure love to hear it!

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So you have an image that has to be repeated on bigger image and you want to be sure that no borders between repeated images/patterns are visible?

You know about: Filter > Map > Tile ?

You just need to start with an image that will allow the weave pattern to tile seamlessly.

For example, if you pick a ribbon size of 20 and a spacing of 5 (25 total) you need your image width and height to be multiples of that times 2 (multiples of 50). So 800x600, 400x400, 100x160, etc.

If you are forced to have an image size, you can (with luck) pick out a size that will work, i.e. for 640x480 you need a total that is a divisor of both 320 and 240 like 40. If your ribbon width ans spacing add up to 40 the result will be seamlessly tileable.

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