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Timeline Suggestion.

I've spent the past couple years hunting down a good open source video editing program that allowed really good editing but mostly what i would find was more use to simple video editing cutting up clips and such.

Then i thought about taking video clips and exporting them as image sequences and editing them in gimp.

but when i realized how many frames there would be to deal with in just a few short seconds of video and all of the tedius opening and saving i'd have to do i had the idea of making a suggestion about a timeline function much like in flash with onion skinning (if necessary).

I don't know how tough this will be as programming since i am completely programming illiterate. But it would be really useful to a lot of people that can't afford 200 - 800 dollars. But basically all i'm looking for is something that will allow me to scroll through a timeline of images edit them with the paint tools and allow me to put a static image or perhaps another series of images in a certain selection of frames so i don't have to go frame by frame by frame for 300 frames just to get one image in the corner for like 3 seconds. and being able to batch save everything as image sequences again to compile as a video in another program.

I don't know if gimp is capable of handling this as far as its programming goes i'm sure this is better left off as a standalone program that's made to handle this sorta thing but hey i'm reaching the end of my rope here and wanted to see if anyone in this fine community could see this as feasible as a plugin or some kind of hybrid alteration of gimp to be an in-depth video editing software.

I have my doubts of any of this being possible since i know it'll be a ton of work let alone technical issues that arise from step one.

But if anyone has anything to say or knows of something similiar to what i'm looking for i'd appreciate it.

Forgive my poor grammar and spelling its 4 in the morning at the moment and its a little hard to think clearly.

I think it goes too far behind capabilities of gimp. There are a lof of possible questions to your suggestion.

So one of possible workflows/designs would look like:

1. you select bunch of images vie timeline tool
2. you press a button "record my actions"
3. than you do some actions (preview shows the first one image in selection)
4. when you are done, you press a button "repeat on remaining (selected) images

Can not be done AFAIK.
Moreover this is a question to core gimp developers, not plugin creators.

have those capabilities already?
Gimps Animation Program allows you to select a range of frames in a video extract them and apply filters too them.
GAP also allows onion skinning and morph between frames.Or morph between two images.

GAP is probably what you have been looking for.

I'm not familiar with GAP, but based on short investigation I would say, that it works on image with multiple layers. And the author of question had in mind a work overy many thousands of images stored in a directory.

I am using Gimp to create some snippets of video. I use it to create zoom effects, transitions between pictures, and other pieces which I then split to frames. I can open the images as an image sequence. If you save the frames as pngs with transparent backgrounds, when opened as an image sequence, it can be placed on top of video footage. An image in a corner would be simple to do, assuming you have a video editor with multi-track capability. I use Openshot video editor and have just begun to experiment with Blender as a video editor. A 100 frame image sequence yields roughly 3 secs video footage (29.97-30 fps). Suffice it to say, you will need a video editor. If you are a Linux user, Openshot is great. And if you use Windows, well, plans are in store for a Windows version.

Open source software is great. You just have to think outside the box.

And remember, the shortest distance between 2 secs of video is 30 blank frames.

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