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Need help making a flat image look metalic

I'm working on a logo for a small business that I am starting and I am looking to try to make the image look metalic. It's a flat image right now, almost like something that you would make in MS Paint. I am trying to give it texture, but I have only used GIMP to edit photos and the like. Can anyone help me with this? I have included a JPEG of what I have so far,

Life guardians - rough.jpg109.47 KB

GIMP Lighting effects with an extra metal texture along with a blend of Tom's G'MIC preset (metallic look) for the metal look. Did isolate the black and ran Fencepost's Chrome Script-fu and blended to taste. Obviously, the badge itself was in bad shape before I even started (like you said rough; lol). Clean the badge and try at least the Lighting effects plugin with a metal target for starters. :)

Uploaded with

sorta looks like metal. :)

Just a rough draft of what you can do with different filters in that program. :)

Inkscape is of course freeware.
You can download it here -

You can really clean your images up using Paths.

That's really sharp. How'd you do that?

I desaturated and sharpened the image, then converted all the color selected areas to paths. Isolating each portion of the shield to it's own layer, running lighting effects on each (Rob A's gold tutorial). Then took the best element from each layer and added them together. I intentionally chose a different font to highlight how well text looks with lighting effects.

I should have left your post to respond to it. My bad. Anyway, answering it here:

I've informed Ingo about people not having a delete option for their posts. I am not sure why some people can and others can't. Registered users should be able to delete a post as long as it doesn't have comments following it.

If you can send me the URL to your picture, I'll post it for you.

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