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GIMP in French or English

I tried to download GIMP and it's half English half Chinese. Is it because I'm based in Taiwan ? I already have difficulties to work on this chinese language computer, I wish to have the download in English, or French. What can I do ?


I think it depends on what language you are using in your OS right now. You should report that bug in It's probably the first time I've seen something like that... -- Some GIMP Tutorials | The GIMP Compilation will help you to adapt faster!

Windows XP Control Panel → System → Advanced → Environment button in “System Variables” area: Add button: Enter LANG for Name and en or fr... for Value. Watch out! You have to click on three successive OK to validate your choice. I use the following method If you often change language, you can create a batch file. Open NotePad. Type the following commands (for English for instance): This is for GIMP version 2.4. set lang=en cd c:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin GIMP-2.4.exe Save this file as GIMP-24.BAT (or another name, but always with a .BAT extension. Create shortcut and drag it to your desktop or your START button.
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