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Drop down shadow

I am new to Gimp and so far I have to say that I hope my opinion of it improves drastically and soon.

What is with the multiple windows? When I open a file I have to fish around my desktop to find it. Is there no way I can modify the UI so that it is not like this?

How does one do drop down shadows in Gimp?

There is a menu option:

filters>light and shadows>drop shadows

That does not help me much. Did I mention I am new to Gimp? After I creat the object (or layer) that I want to have a drop shadow for, and I use the Fuzzy Select tool to grab it and I click on filters>light and shadows>drop shadows... then what?

I gave this a try but it did a drop down shados (I guess) for the entire graphic instead of the area I had selected. I do not know because I did not find an undo or redo feature.

Also, why does every post I make on this forum have to be approved by a comittee?


I did a search online for "drop shadow using GIMP" and got a lot of video links showing how.

Here's one link of many:

It's for using text, but the premise is the same, any alpha layer with an object in it will automatically get selected for the drop shadow. X and Y placement determines which way the shadow angles under the image, and the blur radius should be self-explanatory. The more blur you add, the more fuzzy and blended the shadow becomes.

No clue on your posts needing to be approved, it could be a glitch in Drupal. I didn't notice I had to approve your post, it's showing for me. Anon users can (or were able to post without registering). Only registered users can post scripts and plug-ins, but no approval is needed to post comments or questions.

If it is text which you would like to have the shadow, here is how I do it: 1. Duplicate layer; 2. Offset layer; 3. Apply spread (image/filters/noise/spread0; 4. Apply Gaussian blur (image/blur/Gaussian); 5. Adjust shadow transparency. You will have to experiment with the spread and blur setting. I'm sure there are other ways to do shadows on text but this is my fav.

Using the fuzzy select is probably not a good way to select your object, in my opinion. Layers are useful in placing individual pieces of the image. If it is a part of the image for which you want the shadow, I would cut it out then apply the shadow to the cutout.

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