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where will i put the "wavelet" plugin, in script or in plugins? thanks



there are 3 different plugins with names starting with wavelet ,but as far i know no any script

so whatever you had with that name should go in plugin

Hi I have a similar question on Wavelet Denoise plugin. I have copied the executable into the plugin folder and the translation into the "locale" folder according to the here but it didn't appear in the Plugin Browser. I copied the ".mo" file extension from the "et" folder that I decompressed from the ".zip", is this supposed to be for the English language?

I noticed another plugin, UFRaw doesn't appear in the Plugin Browser also, but it works fine when I opened a raw file. Is the Wavelet Denoise plugin supposed to be working hand in hand with UFRaw or is it a standalone plugin?

you may consider Ufraw a standalone app that is only called to convert for gimp 16 bit images (Raw, NEf etc) in 8 bit that gimp may edit

Wavelet denoise work as the other gimp plugin at 8 bit and doesn't require Ufraw

To work at 16 bit you may found equivalent tool in app as Photivo, Rawtherapee etc

Thinking better may be possible that even ufraw ,standalone or plugin include something similar..but i did not use Ufraw so i can't check

I made installers for users who are not familiar with Windows folders:

I'm not a newbie in Gimp but do you know this is only the second time I use the plugin browser, and I needed to search the Web in order to find it again?

I noticed that my three wavelet plugins appear in this browser, but, you are right, not ufraw-gimp. This is not really a severe drawback, since I thought the plugin browser is of very little use. But I may change my mind: there are so many features in Gimp than some of them are sometimes completely forgotten, and I sometimes see people developing scripts for functions that already exist in Gimp!

Try to install with my installers (maybe delete your previous installation before). The language files will be installed.

You don't need the "et" file and folder on an English system, but they will be installed too. These are the language files for ...Estonian.

Hi PhotoComiX,

I noticed you have a win 32 version of it, would you know where to get a Windows 7 64 bit compiled version?

Partha compiled a newer version at 64 (and 32) bit
should be on .

may be also something here

If the plug-in extension is .exe or .py, it goes in /.gimp-2.6/plug-ins...

If the script has a .scm extension it goes in /.gimp-2.6/scripts

Hi PhotoComix & Francois,

Thanks for the replies! I am a newbie in the world of photo-editing, a rather mind boggling one:) I will try re-installing using the installer from Francois. I am using Ufraw because I need to convert my Fujifilm ".raf" RAW files first, and I do not know of any other RAW converter that can do that except for Fujifilm's own proprietary software, which is painstaking slow, and set it's own default noise reduction and tonal curve. I don't think I need a 16 bit image, 8 bit is enough. I will try re-installing tomorrow, am kinda in zzz mode as it's bed time here...

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