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Color Picker Trouble


I am a student researcher and I am trying to develop a method using GIMP to quantify the average color of leaves through a RGB code. The only problem is, is when I try to get the sample average using color picker it wants to include the transparent. Is there a way around this? Or is there a way to block the transparent or alpha channel from the color picker? I want to include as much leaf area as possible which means that I do not want to be stuck scaling rectangles into a 600x600 px image then taking the sample average of that. Thank you for your help.


it seems you are talking about two issues. First - how to ignore transparency of active (upper) layer - did you try "use window info" option, can be initiated also by holding shift when picking the color. It seems that that values it returns are ignoring transparency - they are only from active/upper layer.

Second issue - if you are talking about how to take sample from more than 1 pixel at time, there is option "radius" in color picker window (shown in toolbox window, if color picker is activated)

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