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please help! i have a mac & i cant figure out anything!

where the heck am i supposed to put plug in files. how do i make them work. do i even have any alredy.
there's this plug in browser thing. but i cannot do anything other than look at them!
im about ready to throw my computer across the room

someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and its using x11 and all that junk.

im sorry if i sound like a total twit right now but i am so frustrated i could just scream and i cannot for the life of me put sentences together correctly!


Check File -> Preferences -> Folders -> Plugins (and probably Scripts too). Add whatever path you like, but then you probably need to restart Gimp. This is true for Linux, and is most likely true for Mac. The browser (there is more than one, actually) only lists the plugins for your information and education. You can confirm that Gimp sees your plugin with the browser, but the names are probably different than the filename. The third line in each of the plugin descriptions (starting with <Image> or <Toobox>) tells you where to find the command under either the Xtns (<Toolbar>) or image (<Image>) menus. That information comes from the routine called script-fu-register in Script-fu text files; and from the routine called register in python-fu text files; which you can simply view with any text editor which will inform you what to expect to see in the browser when working with a script file. But you can't view binary files so easily. Do you have the commands grep or strings, they can help you examine binary files.

I hope that helps, write a reply.

For Scripts from here or any other place, you need to follow a path to install them..
Open hard drive and go to your home (user) folder. (the one that looks like a little house) and then go
User/Library/Application Support/Gimp/scripts then place the script in there...For brushes and palettes follow the same method and place in appropriate folders. Restart GIMP
To add G'Mic, gradients and other plug ins, there are a couple of different methods which work with different OS...message me if you need help with those.

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