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Saving an edited image to my computer

Hi, this is probably very simple - sorry, I'm a little ignorant, this is all new to me!
I have manipulated an image in Gimp saved it to my computer. I saved it to the desktop, to make it easier for me to find and when I closed Gimp.
It appeared on my desktop as a Gimp logo so I presumed it was saved.
Next I wanted the photo to be inserted into a page of a book. When I open the word document and try to insert the image, it doesn't appear to be there on the desktop? Am I missing something, this works for photos I save from programmes like Picasa or Picnik. Does it need saving in another way? It's so irritating, yet I expect it is a simple solution.
Thanks for your help.
...have just figures out how to open it on Gimp, is the reason why I cannot upload the picture because it is xcf, can I change that format to jpg?

...just had another go...seem to have done it, I changed to xcf into jpg when I went to 'save as'....think I just need a little more patience! Thanks anyhow.


So you're saying it works when saved as a JPG?

I ran into this with Gimp 2.6.8, expecting the Save As menu to just do it...and it does if you keep two things in mind. This is the type of thing that really confuses newbies to a product, so here is some more detail....I am sure it will help one or two people at least...

I changed the name of the file (did not manually add an extension in the Name box) and selected the "JPEG image (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe)" option expecting it to just do it and add the extension to it. (Obviously in hindsight how would Gimp know which format I wanted, ,jpg, .jpeg or .jpe?)

Of course it did not save it as a .jpg as I wanted. The resulting file had the .xcf file format. When I loaded that image back into Gimp and used Image -> Image Properties to see what Gimp thought the image was, it showed that Gimp saved it as a GIMP XCF Image format. (another light bulb moment and a good chuckle at myself)

You must include the .jpg extension on the filename in the Name box AND the "JPEG image (*.jpg,, *.jpeg, *.jpe) you are saving as. Showing very well in the above post...great job on that post.

Obviously if you want to save as .png or some other format than you must add that extension to your file name in the "Name" box in order for Gimp to understand and give you the results you wish. (When you consider how we use to create different file formats pre- Graphics Image software like PaintShop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop and Gimp, well this is pretty incredible what Gimp does for you automatically.)

Also you should see the "Save As" window where you select the "Quality" of the file...I basically think of this like resolution (minus the ability to scale down the color palette which really reduces the size of images for web even further). If you did not see the Save As window, than its a good bet your image did not get changed from the default .XCF format to anything else.

When in doubt open the image in Gimp and use Image -> Image Properties to check.

The procedure implied by the image is not entirely correct - all you have to change is the image file name extension, nothing else.

That type selector is only a filter for the files listed in the files and folders window above, it has no effect on the format of the saved image file.

The file type selector is collapsed by default and set to the most common setting already - "By extension"; any other setting should only be chosen if you have to save in a specific image format and use no or a 'wrong' file name extension.

Actually there was nothing implied by the image, other than typing in the filename and extension. I highlighted the file type to make a point about default. New users tend to just type in the filename and save, without using an extension and then "can't find" their image. I was pointing out in the image that they need to check the filetype location before saving (without actually saying it in so many words).

When you save your image, save it as a jpeg or png, instead of xcf (default, if you don't save it and rename the file extension)

are you using a 2.7 version of Gimp?
Because saving an image format in 2.7 requires "exporting the image as"
If you merely save it , gimp-2.7 auto saves as XCF format.

So if you are using gimp-2.7 version try exporting as png or jpg.

Hey guys,

I downloaded Gimp. Actually; I can only find weblinks and uninstall programs inside the GIMP-maps. How do I open the program? :/

What did you download and where did you download it from?

What operating system are you using? (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux)

What GIMP version did you download?

What are the GIMP-maps you refer to?

Explain in some detail what you are doing so we can repeat the process or figure out what your problem may be. Executable files install the software, so how you are seeing weblinks and uninstall programs in place of a working GIMP copy isn't discernible, unless you are referring to files within the download. Depending on your operating system, you may not have downloaded the correct GIMP version. Until you provide more information it won't be possible to determine your problem.

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