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Spam filter

could someone tell me, what is wrong on the following posts? System think I'm a spammer :-(

You are not the only one! Sometimes system thinks I'm a spammer next time not ????? Why I don't know. Also I have posted a comment (into lineborder 2 topic) I think. Even checked if it is posted. Looking next day it's gone????? Why ????

I wasn't aware of any of your comments disappearing, do you remember when this last occurred? I know that Drupal is in serious need of updating.

I also can't explain the reason for why the spam filter gets fussy one moment to the next. Perhaps updating Drupal would resolve this as well.

Update: I've contacted Ingo about this.

A few days ago I have posted a comment in the lineborder 2 topic about updating the lineborder 2 plugin on the registry to 2.4 because a lot of people don't look at github. Next day my coment was gone or I'm getting old ;-)

I remember that post. No idea what happened to it. Weird! Can you repost it?

Yes I can but I think I also contact mkyral directly seeing his trouble with the spam filter ;-)

Oh no... now I'm catched again ggrrrrrr.

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