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Help installing Gimp Gap 2.6.0 for mac osx??

Okay so I need a really simple explanation of how to install gimp gap 2.6.0 because I am totally stuck.

I've never used terminal before. The instructions make no sense to me and I can't find anything anywhere on google.
This is what it comes up with when I open the file.
What do I do now......?

Please help, I just want to make a goddamn gif but I can't even install it! D:


Hi there I had the same problem, I use a G5 dual with OSX 10.5.8 - You need to install X11 from your system disc and then when you install GIMP it starts it and runs in that environment. PS. I haven't worked out how to stop it apart from force quit.

To my knowledge Gimp GAP does not operate on Mac OS.

Yes and not
Yes : nobody compiled yet gap for mac
Not :should be possible do it, but may be too complex for a average Mac users and are no much developers using Mac that may help

if i remember well they may be contacted in the " Wilber love apple" board on gimpernet, you may ask and/or search there

As far as I know there is no GAP for mac available at this point in time

I'd be happy to trial it but sheesh ya know

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