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Reporting and deleting SPAM comments.

Is there a way to report and have removed SPAM comments to forum threads? I'd like to be able to report/remove comments advertising free hosting sites, etc.

There are a few of us who try to keep up with the spam. There is a "mark as spam" link under every post, that you can click. Just make sure you click the link on the spam comment in question and not your own post.

I don't see such a link Mahvin.

I figured everyone saw those links, I guess not. I have a links under every comment that say:

"delete edit reply report to Mollom not spam (0) mark as spam"

I see only "reply" or "edit reply" nothing else. I cannot even delete my message once published!

Most likely it's just my moderator status that allows me to see all the extras. I'm just so used to seeing them I tend to forget I have moderator status.

I'm not sure about the delete option for normal users, I can ask Ingo about it. It may be that it's not permitted for users to delete comments. But you can edit them, correct?

Yes and No.
Once someone else has put comment to my comment I cannot edit it anymore. As long as my comment is not commented I can edit my comment.

I have no control over the user settings, other than I can remove or delete posts (comments or whole posts). But I cannot make changes to how those settings are established. Most forums will not allow you to remove or change your comments after someone else has followed up with a new comment, for a good reason, to prevent the thread from becoming incoherent.

Completly agree with that:

".......Most forums will not allow you to remove or change your comments after someone else has followed up with a new comment, for a good reason, to prevent the thread from becoming incoherent."<\em>

will be reasonable for script/plugin contributors, the possibility to delete comment limited to theirs script/plugin pages...but not sure if could be easily and soon implemented 

i'm opening a new forum topic : "Report Spam HERE" but I don't think i may pin it, and the best would be not pin the forum topic but its link on top of "Active Forum Topic" or just above ,or will remain unseen by most of the users

Anybody here with admins permission (Ingo, Mahvin...) know if is possible ?

now you may report spam here
Hopefully the link will remain visible in the main page

oopss maybe now the "Report Spam Here" message is too visible ?
I didn't really wished post on top of main page i was hoping to be able to mantain only the link pinned on top of the Active forum topics but if there is a option for that i i could not find it

I looked and didn't find those options. It would be nice to have a "report spam" link under every comment posted for ALL users, that when clicked sends to a spam log file that any of us admin/mods can check and deal with it on that level. Because I am aware of new tactics being used by spammers, I don't want to tip my hand publically, but I have made Ingo aware of it.

Hopefully, Ingo will update the security features soon and maybe implement a new spam mod that permits us to fight back much easier and quicker.

I am enjoying the site, thank you. I agree with mahvin, having a "report" spam button/link with every post would be a plus. Obviously anything users can do to help the moderators identify spam is a plus for all.

I also agree with others that a "Delete" button should be only for moderators, administrators and those trusted by the site owner to be impartial. Obviously anyone who would censor for reasons outside of Gimp specifically should not be a part of any of those groups. Last thing any forum needs is one person/group "censoring" another person/group because of ideology outside of forum/site topics via deleting or moderating.

There is already too much revisionist history going on around the web, where some mis-guided soul pushes their ideology over a 'perceived' competing ideology.

DELETE spam is very delicate make mistakes is much easier of what may seems

BUT report is harmless, here i don't intend the "Report to mollum" thingy but simply a link (as example for a "Spam Report" topic pinned in the forum ) to report suspected spam, that will be useful

Agree reporting suspected spam is useful, decide to delete is for moderators not for normal users.

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