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Problems Installing G'MIC Plug In on Mac

Hello all I am new here, but not new to Gimp. This is my first post. I have been using Gimp on both Windows and Mac. I just recently got a new Macbook Pro. I installed Gimp by clicking the big "DOWNLOAD" button on I want to install the "G'MIC" Plug in. I go to the website. I Click download the latest version. After it downloads, I get a file that looks like this "gmic_1.4.9.5.tar". I double click it and a folder appears with some weird stuff in it. And that is where I am stuck. I do not WHAT to add into the plug in folder, and WHERE to add it properly.

Please do not leave out any details or assume anything, I always tend to make mistakes.

I would love your help in any way. I am desperate.



G'MIC Discussion site:

You'll find some Mac instructions by searching the above site:

ok problem is that, that version is for, not and the version does not download a ZIP file with a EXEC "gmic_gimp." file as it suggests. Mine downloads the .tar.gz file which turns into a .tar file and then into the gimp- folder. What in that folder is the actual item to me moved into the plug ins folder?

You'll get much quicker answers to your questions posting on the G'MIC discussion site.

Also see:

lets hope so

I added the gimpchat link for the most recent G'MIC install on my above post, check it out.

well i looked at that, and they keep flying over the part of what is actually downloaded. the do not seem to have downloaded the same thing i have. I downloaded a folder of things, none of which containt this file named "gmic.gimp"

this is this person's view of it, i dont have that in my folder

You'll get help quicker posting on G'MIC than you will here. I'm not saying no one will ever respond here, but your post will most likely get buried and forgotten. There aren't a lot of Mac users on the Registry, which is the point I am trying to make.

Even David, the G'MIC developer would have to refer you back to other Mac G'MIC users, on the Discussion site.

I have spread the question to gimp talk, that flickr site, and here. lets hope it wll works like you suggest.

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