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Gimp isn't loading up

I use my gimp every single day and it was working perfectly fine yesterday. I tried to laod it today and it wouldn't start up, just crashed. I tried leaving it for half an hour and it still didnt load. I deleted the font cache so it would load faster and sure enough it got past that part but now it's stuck on 'Looking for data files templates'. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting, nothing is working. Btw I use windows vista


If you are using linux (You should have mentioned this in your question) try to run gimp from command line (console) and check what it writes - output in console tend to be more verbose than what you see in GUI...

Also, think about what changed in you box - f.e: did you upgrade your system?

oh sorry, I'm using windows vista

I'm not familiar with windows, sorry...

For xp is just Start/Run,write there gimp --verbose and that all
..well almost ,may be required that instead than just "gimp" you must wrote the full path for gimp.exe (as C:/Program Files/...) and the separated by a space --verbose

not sure where the heck is the terminal on win 7

BTW usually unistall reinstall gimp don't help
what may help is delete o0r just move somewhere else your personal gimp folder (in C;/Users/yourname or for xp C./documents and settings/yourname )
The folder will be recreated automatically at next gimp reload, unistall gimp will NOT delete that folder (by pourpose: that folder contain preference and is where user as supposed to add custom brush script and so on )

I have the same problem.
I use gimp every day but a day it doesn't loading up.
I have reinstalled gimp 10-20 times and it still not working.


Which OS are you using? I can help if its a mac OS

I dont have windows, but general rules how to debug such problem would be:

Main reason of problem is that something has changed, so:
gimp installation is splitted in two parts – main part (all binaries and system-wide files) is installed in system partition, where common user can not change files. So when using gimp (or any other program), these file can not be altered and here should not be a problem. So for this reason I dont believe in reinstallation of gimp as solution.

But every user has own setup in home directory, in linux it is: ~/.gimp2.6/ with content like:

brushes,environ, gflare, gtkrc,palettes, plug-ins, templaterc …. scripts, themerc, toolrc...

and many more. Content of this directory can be changed by user (or rather an instance of gimp that user is running). My guess is that here you/gimp changed something. Basic and most primitive way how to fix the problem would be removing (or at least renaming) .gimp-2.6/ directory. Then gimp would believe it is run first time and would recreate whole directory....

Also system upgrade can be a reason

Most advanced way would be use of a tool like strace (linux only), that would show which system calls is gimp doing, what files is it accessing and with big good lack you would find file that is a culprit.

You wrote that gimp is stuck at „Looking for data files templates“. So problem my be indeed in local user' s gimp's directory.....

Did not delete any fonts from the system?

There is nothing in question that would indicate that fonts are problem here. But if he installed fonts just before the problem occurred, than there might be problem in fonts (as well as in anything else)... But in generally, I see no relation here...

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