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Batch overlay PNG to group of JPEGs in Windows- suggestions?

I don't know Gimp coding or C, C++ or whatever it's using, and am new to the Gimp. (I'm really liking the Gimp BTW - has some stuff I don't remember Photoshop having too - lovin' that new layer from visible option & the right-click menu). I am running Gimp 2.0 on Windows Vista (yeah, I know, but I had to get it to support the tablet PC I wanted - would be nice to be able to use the pen's pressure sensitivity functions in Gimp too, but that's a question for another time). I have programmed off and on for over 3 decades, so it's not out of the realm of possibilities that I'd be able to code something if given good instructions.

Basically I'm trying to do batch watermarking with a file I want to use, placed where I want it, sized and colored the way I want it etc.

I made a .png that is the way I want it and sized so that if it's added as a layer on the same sized .jpg it will be ready to save as a .jpg right away, no other processing needed.

I don't need rotating, resizing or anything else. I already have the ability to batch size the images I want to do this with so that they are all compatible in this way size-wise. I just need to be able to pick which JPEGs I want to batch overlay a PNG file( that I pick for the batch), then be able to batch save the results (as JPG, of course).

So I guess the processing needed would be the ability to:
- pick the overlay PNG file for the batch
- pick the JPG files to have the overlay batch put on them
Then it would do the equivalent of:
-open JPG
-add PNG as new layer (over JPG)
-merge layers (might not be needed since saving as JPG)
-save as JPG (could replace the original JPGs or save to different folder that is created per batch)

Once I find something that can do this I'm hoping I can pick different individual PNGs for different batches as well, so don't want to be stuck with always being the same PNG for every batch, and don't want it to do anything about placement other than overlay it.

Any suggestions of how to code this or if there is a plug-in already (and where I can find it if there is one) or if there are other programs that will do this for me?

Thanks! :)

Were you ever able to find a solution? I am looking for almost the exact same thing. I have a PNG that I want to batch add as a border to a directory of JPG's

Thanks for the suggestions y'all. I'll have to try them sometime. Since I posted the question about 6 months ago or so and needed to use that feature in the meantime I ended up using Multiple Image Resizer (MIR) to batch process the png overlay watermark.

It batch processes other stuff too, but I just use it for the watermarking/overlay function, which it does quickly and well. I like working with the png overlay because I can make the overlay file wider than I need for any photos and just align it according to where I want it and it works well as I can choose to not have it scale it down to width and not have margins, etc. The overlay involves some horizontal lines that run the length of the photo, so this process works quite well for that.

The MIR image overlay options allow you to choose between two positioning methods: X and Y coordinates or position with offset. I use the latter where you can pick which corner you want to align the image, or which side you want to center it on, as well as define the amount of offset (padding) in pixels, if any. You can also choose between two transparency methods for the image: existing image transparency (which is what I use) and areas matching a color that you choose. I haven't tried the X & Y coordinate positioning or the matching color transparencies so can't say how well they work, but the ones I use work great. Oh, and there's an option to define the overall transparency of the overlay image itself too, which I always put at 100% 'cause I've got it how I want it already in the png, but I can see how those other options would be quite helpful otherwise, especially if dealing with jpegs with white backgrounds or something like that.

Still, it would be cool to be able to do this all in GIMP... so I'll look into the other suggestions at some point. I'm a bit swamped with other things right now so might not get to trying them for a while.

This MIR method does work quite well and very fast and it's a fairly quick thing to do for a whole directory at a time, and you can also pick individual pictures to add or remove as desired too.

I think it should work for what you're trying to do nicely. Let me know if you try the other GIMP methods and how they work for you too, please. :)

in case you are linux user you can consider imagemagick command tool - it is very powerfull - and complex.

your command would look like:

composite -blend 90 input.jpg input.png output.jpg

alternatively you can use transparet png without "-blend" switch

This may not do what you want it to, as it's written, but it might help you create your own.

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