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autorotation of skewed scanned (text/regular) documents

Problem: scanned document, that is never put straight into the scanner gets scanned skewed.

Current solution: application I wrote in previous century working with PGM file and estimating rotation angle.
plus bash script, that takes that estimated error angle and uses netpbm tools to get the image straight.
The app (with source code) is available for years on my website.

Optimal solution: be able to encapsulate my estimation algorithm into library and call it directly as an option from GIMP
including the following rotation (the algorithm estimates the error angle, does not rotate).

1. Is the functionality I described above already available in GIMP? If yes, then how could I miss it?
2. If the functionality has not there yet, then where do I start with the implementation of the plugin that would do that.
2a Is it easier to code C library interface (to existing ANSI C code) or call external shell script from GIMP?

TIA for feedback.


There is the deskew plugin:

See part way down for mirrors as the original site is gone.

-Rob A>

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