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Binaries Gluas (0.1.20) - Gimp 32-64 bits / Windows

Cool samj; just downloaded a 32-bit version at a Japanese website a few days ago and it does have some cool capabilities, but G'MIC it's not. I do, however, like the Kuwahara script (even though it is slow). Don't recall the version I have and the GIMP plugin browser doesn't report the version; only the year which is 2003-2004. :)

You have to push the "help button" to see the version number.

Yeah; someone at GIMPChat showed their version (same as mine which is 0.1.19). Noticed your's was 0.1.20 so now I'm using your compile for the 32-bit GIMP. Again thanks for all your efforts in compiling these cool plugins for Window users like me. :)

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