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Windows 7 64-bit Gimp 2.7.2

Hi all,

I believe I have successfully compiled Gimp 2.7.2 for Windows 7 64-bit. The caveats are mentioned on my homepage: . If there is interest, and people want to test it out, I will be happy to provide a zipfile with installation instructions on my website. If necessary, I can investigate creating an installation file. Also, let me know if there is any interest in the 32-bit as well and I will try to compile that as well. If there is interest, I can provide them on a regular basis.

Please reply here or leave me feedback on my site.


please upload the zip
PS see my pm

version for 32 bit on Windows xp
You should be able to package a setup for windows with visual basics tools.

I did. See my response.

There's no 2.7.2 release yet. Please make sure that users who download your builds are aware of this.

I will be happy to indicate that with the download. It's a shame that there is no 2.7.2 given that 2.7.1 is broken as far as text is concerned.


Hi All,

I have uploaded the unofficial versions of Gimp 2.7.2. There are unofficial since they are compiled by me. Any major snapu is obviously mine.

Please download from and let me know it works out.

I have added the installation instructions as well on the site. Please note that the installation is manual and may require
some fiddling with environment variables (on the PATH variable).

Hats off to the developers for this great software!! Can't wait for version 3.0 with 32-bit (color) editing. :)


Testing it now. :)


Looks like so far it needs a few dll files :P

If you have these dll files you may want to add them to the distro Partha.


Woops never mind i forgot to add the path variable :P

some here and add a eviromenthal vaeiable didn't help


It is important to follow the directions that I posted. Please add the environmental as shown. Otherwise, Gimp will not find its parts.

Please let me know how it works out. I am sorry that I didn't have time to create a setup file.

And yes, it is not the official 2.7.2 which does not exist. :)


i don't mind installer and i did what you suggested but didn't helped
If may be useful i may launch gimp 2.7.2 in verbose mode and post the console output

Anyway i will try again soon also in my other computer

I suspect that the fact that at first rungimp 2.7.2 try to import from other gimp worsen the problem
Alas "import" is done automatically and i can't see how to block it (except deleting totally the stable version before run 2,7.2 the first time )

Anyone know how to import or open SVG files in 2.7.3? Just found out that 2.7.3 does not natively do this. Help appreciated. :)

you can't but you may import the path using the path dialogue.
That is not exactly the same thing but the only solution possible without the svg file plugin.

Well you may also import the path, then use some online app or some other program to convert svg in png, and so you may get also the bitmap ...not a ideal solution but may help in the time while

Still i am curious to lnow why the plugin went MIA, if was some compilation problem or was temporary removed from the source code for some work going on, or what else

anyway file-svg is missed so till will be compiled at 64 bit for gimp 2.7 import svg would be possible only with working around

Has anyong tried to use the Userfilter (64-bit version) with 2.7.3 64-bit? Downloaded the version from samj's site and it crashes when I start GIMP 2.7.3 and, of course, it doesn't work. :)


I don't remember to have compiled this plugin.
What is his name in this list :
All plugins available on this page are tested with the 2.7.3 version ( ...

Your right samj; I grabbed the 32-bit thinking it was 64-bit since the description of i686 threw me off. Yeah; if you could compile this plugin for 64-bit that would be cool. :)

One tip that might also help people trying to install it on windows 7 64x if you install it to C:/ instead of installing it to program files you don't have to lower your UAC to run it or have UAC problems from trying to run it.

can I use the 32 bit version on my 64bit Windows?

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