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A friend of mine took one of my photos and changed it into a negative but when I tried to reverse it, it did not work and he passed away a few months ago so I cannot ask him how he did it. How can I change it back and does it require a plug in that is not included normally in the download since I did have to reinstall the software and I might not have included the script that I need for it? Thanks in advance for helping me on this project.



This isn't really a graphic program technique, it requires a scanner with color inversion capability, that allows a user to make color adjustments. Different scanners use different color masking techniques, so its not a one size fits all situation.

Many people try using Colors/Invert and then Auto White Balance, which is not really an effective way to obtain a colored image, because not all negatives have the same color masks applied to them.

Do you have a scanner that has negative creation software? If so, you may be able to use it to revert your negatives back to color.

If running Colors->Invert doesn't get you the results you're looking for, one of these might...

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