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Why is it not possible to record scripts?

I am very new to the scripting with gimp. And I am just wondering what makes it so difficult to record actions or scripts.
If the record script is started gimp just needs to log all the scripts that are called by the user and add or append them into a text or scm file.

Then the used .scm files needs top be searched for all register variabe enterys for the SF-... lines to make a database to recall those variable names.
Now the variable values and then changes needs to be placed on that lines.

Then a new 'meta' script can be created automatically using a new register containing all new variables, however they should be renamed in order. This may lead to rename them in the added scripts too. Beacuse of this the whole .scm files needs od be added into the new 'meta' script file.

After all just a loop is added around the 'meta' script asking the user how often to do this acrions.

The only thing I really need to program this would be a way to call the record script when another register part is startd. Or maybe a way to run a second script at the same time.

Wouldn't this be possible?

See for a long discussion of the challenges to be solved.

this video looks very promising but i couldn't find link for codfe or info

A node based image revision? That looks really great and I can't wait for it.
I hope this is out soon, but I don't think this is the same....

I guess repeating actions on a stack of completly differnt images will not be possible that way although this review system will be a fantastic thing to almost every workflow.

I am not really sure because I couldn't test it, but I guess the 'simple' macro recording of tools and of filters will still be needed.

Anyway, I hope this tool will be usable on windows platforms too.

in my honest opinion comes very close.If there was a way to let Gimpscripter record your last so many actions or filters, and then write the py file.That would be pretty much it. :)

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