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GIMP 2.7 not finding scripts, plug-ins

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04/Gnome 2.3/Gimp 2.7.2. I've put scripts and plug-ins into the .gimp-2.7/plug-ins/ directory. I've even enabled "execute...", but they're not showing up anywhere. Specifically I'd like Export as SVG ( to work. Can't, though.

Plug-ins and scripts go into two different folders.That is to say executes and python files go into plugins folder and any SCM scripts go in the scripts folder.
If you are placing both in the same folder that could be your problem.Try moving all the SCM files to the scripts folder instead.

I also see that that particular plug-in gets downloaded as py.txt - remove the ".txt" (dot txt) part of the file name.
It should be -
This plug-in goes into the "plugins" folder.

Yes, all that is taken care of. I started 2.7.2 at the command line and it complains of not finding I found a thread on this forum about that but no resolution for me. The member simply states he "updated his system" or something to that effect. Where is this

already be installed with your system.But it is probably Python-2.6 (which 2.6.11 needs).
2.7.2 needs Python-2.7 to run python files correctly.If you do not have Python-2.7 installed you will have to do that.
I am not entirely sure if Python-2.7 comes packaged with the Gimp-git install or not.I am thinking probably not.

I've got Python 2.6.5 installed on Ubuntu10.04 and also Python 2.7.2 on an altinstall (i.e. separate). I'll try to uninstall the altinstalled Python and see if that helps.

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