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Does Gimp Do this?

I was wondering if it was possible to replace the color of text(or the white part) with a background image.

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btw, I did the attachment by hand but it be easier if I could just type in text and have it copy a chosen background (and in a part of the background I select)

image you want to use.
Create your text - right click alpha to selection on the text layer.
Select your image layer
Go to Edit/Cut Edit Paste and select new layer to turn the floating selection into a new layer.
Either delete the old image layer or make it invisible.

To make it another color
Choose the color you want in the foreground/background toolbox color picker.
Create a new doc
Create your text
Right click text layer alpha to selection
Go to Edit/Fill with foreground
You can also fill with background,pattern, or gradient.

Hope that helps. :)

Simply create your text layer, save the text as a Path by choosing Path from Text in the Text dialog menu. Change to your background layer, open the Path dialog, select the Path to Selection button (red box). If you're not happy with where the selection is on the background, select the Move tool and change the move mode to Selection (red box) and then move the selection with your mouse cursor (left click and drag).

Here's a video that shows how Rod describes it:

thx that helps alot

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