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GIMP Error ?

GIMP Would not Work On My Computer. I Don't Know What Happened. It Starts And Sometimes It Takes A While Loading Brushes Or Sometimes It Goes Onto Modules. It Freezes. And A Window Pops Up Say There Was A Run Time Error. If Anyone Could Help Me In A Simple Way. I Would Appreciate It.


Can You Provide Any More Information? Like What Operating System And What Version Of Gimp.

And Please Don't Use Camel Case As It Makes Reading Hard.

-Rob A>

Camel Case? I don't know what that is. I just typed into the comment section on this sight. Is it a font? If so, how would i change it?
My PC is a Dell Inspiron one.
Gimp version is 2.6.2.
I had a much older version on another computer for years and never had this problem.

is having capitals where they do not belong.
My advice is to download Gimp-2.6.11 latest stable version and install it.
Rob was actually asking you which platform you use.
Windows or Mac, or perhaps Linux?
It makes a big difference.


Download the latest GIMP version 2.6.11.

It's more stable since it has many bug fixes since 2.6.2.

Camel Case Is Capitalizing Each Word Of Your Sentence, Just Like This. Just in case you don't understand what Rod means by capitals where they don't belong.

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