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problems with some script-fu...i need your help!!!

Error: Bad syntax of binding spec in let* : ((textureLayer) (oldSelection) (oldPattern))
this is what was written in the message when i try to launch script-fu aquerell,
or -photo-sepia
toning:Plug-In 'Sepia Toning' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.
what's wrong?it's my fault ?did i make something wrong during the installation?
Can someone say to me in which way i have to behave to find a solution?
no good english,i know...please bee comprehensive to me..eheheheh!!!

Variables declared in a let* block have to be initialized to a specific value, e.g. (textureLayer 0). It doesn't matter what value is used if the real assignments are done later in the script.

This is probably an old script, as the scheme requirements changed a while back. Where did you get the script from and what version of gimp are you using?

-Rob A>

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