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Array script?

Hey guys

I have been using GIMP for a while but there is a shortcoming that it has for my work and Photoshop has it as well. I need something like a array modifier used in 3DSMax or blender to generate multiples of a object that are evenly spaced. In GIMP I would like a tool where i can select a section of pixels, set spacing in pixels for the clones of the selection(note spacing must be between the center of each selection), number of clones, and direction in which the array will be generated (ie up/down/left/right). Anyone here can help out with generating such a script?


Not to create a new script

but if a mirror array may help i may point to this script

And the Gmic plugin offer a large choice of arrays, even larger because you may combine the effect of the filter with rectangular selection.

so should be not needed create new array scripts or filters (also gimp include something out of the box: a filter called small tiles )

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