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Cross-compilation of plugins

I published my first plugin today and, being an Ubuntu user, I also included a Linux x64 binary version. However, the first comment I received was somebody asking for a Windows binary!

Fortunately another user built it and posted a download, but it brings up the following questions.

Firstly, is there a simple way for the gimptool-2.0 under Linux to be used to cross-compile the plugin for Windows?

Secondly, considering that a GIMP plugin must conform to a specific structure and (usually) has standard dependencies, why is there not an automated build system on here to which a developer can submit their plugin source and it will provide Linux/Windows/Mac (32-bit/64-bit) binaries for users to download?


I've asked on the gimp dev IRC and never got a simple answer that suits my level of understanding, just "change the compiler to cross-compile"...

It seems an entire gimp build environment is required. I was able to compile plugins using gimptool under windows (msys) but ran into binary dependancy hell trying to get a cross compile working under ubuntu :(

If you do get a good response/set of instructions please share.


-Rob A>

That is a secret as that of ancient alchimist... Out of sarcasm is a pity that nobody that know how to cross compile never had found the time to create a guide, I hope to be proofed wrong, by a message indicating a how to updated and consisting in less then 100 pages if somebody could provide such a link, or is willing to contribute with some how to it is really welcome and we will do the best to assure to his work visibility at least on on gimp forum and gimp related sites

It would be cool if someone would post a Sourceforge program just for Windows GIMP users that allows you to compile GIMP plugins just by drag and dropping the C++ file or whatever langues GIMP plugins are written in. Maybe one day. Just grateful there are so many helpful folk with talent that do compile GIMP plugins, but the one plugin that can't since it's written in a custom programming language) is MAZE5 and even in Linux, it took some digging for me to compile that one. :)


vol. 66 685 bytes - md5 e332d96f7dec8ff40c541b8e87acedca

Tests with Gimp 2.6.11 32 bits & Gimp Painter 2.6.11 32 bits / Windows 7 64 bit

Wow Sam; you just don't know how greatful I am. Especially since I know this plugin is not written in the typical C, you managed to get the Windows Compile to work. Very happy I am. :)

Uploaded with

i found it in Filters/Render/Maze 5 but when i run it it gives me blank layers.
Unless i use the number selection then i get a layer full of numbers but still no maze drawn.
Filters/Render/Maze works ok but no map.
Do i have to remove the old maze binary to get the maze 5 exe to work?
EDIT: Nope removing maze doesn't work either.
I am running Gimp-2.6.11 portable with windows XP 32 bit.


The plugin works well on Windows XP 32 bits with Gimp 2.6.11 & Gimp Painter 2.6.11.
Binaries from :

I don't use the "" version, the problem may be linked with the UPX compression (exe & dll).

After i installed it into my standard 2.6.11 copy it ran fine.
Funny though - i can get GMICs , and Gimp sharps plug-ins to work with it.
So it must not be all binaries that fail.

And why not my favorite Halloween template (Diablo) too. :)

Image Hosted by


vol. 59 079 bytes - md5 a2560d769122aa53f8cf491fe73bf911

Tests with Gimp 2.6.9 64 bits ( & Gimp 2.7.2 - 2.7.3 64 bits ( / Windows 7 64 bit

For tests with Gimp 2.7.x , you can use the brush "maze5.vbr".

Whoops; posted on the wrong area of this thread; too bad you can't delete your posts. lol

Anyway, just in case you missed it, MAZE5 got an update today, but again, not sure if it's worth re-compiling the GIMP Plugin. :)

James (who pretty much just joined GIMPChat to post this one), just posted the GIMP Colorize plugin for GIMP. Now I've not tested it so you will need to vet it yourself, but I do remember this cool plugin many years ago and wished I had it at the time. Just downloaded it and will hopefully get an opportunity to test it soon. Click link below for details. :)

Not sure if you notice samj, but MAZE5 got an update today. Not sure if it's worth recompiling the plugin though. :)

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