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Colorize Multiple file plugin


I am looking for a plugin where the colorize tool can be used to colorize all files that are currently opened by GIMP. I have to colorize hundreds of files certain colors and having a plugin like this would help me greatly.

Does anyone know of one that exists? I have not had any luck searching the registry here, but maybe I didn't use the correct search terms.


but can't that be accomplished by selecting what you want colored and sampling all layers?


Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, I am not a GIMP master (I only have about a years worth of experience) so I am not sure how I could do what you described.

I tried to open all of the files I wanted to colorize as layers, and then I tried to colorize all layers but I wasn't able to select them all in the layer window. So I still had to do it layer by layer.

If it would be possible - could you give me a quick run down of how to do what you described? I am using GIMP 2.6.11.


exactly what you want to color?
Is it a selection that will be in the same location on each layer?
Will the location of the color change for each layer?
Is it just a solid color for a backdrop on each layer?

I believe at this time their is no script or plug-in that takes a selection - colors it and pastes it into every other layer.
Except possibly layer groups.
That script works with linked layers.I can not remember if there is a paste selection into each layer command.If you are trying to copy just a selection of 1 color to all other layers in the same spot i am pretty sure someone could do that in a script for you.
If you need to place a color in different locations on layers you may have some trouble finding a script that does this.


Let me try to explain again. I will go step by step on what I would like to do.

1. I have 90 .PNG files in a folder.
2. I select them all and open them in GIMP. So I have 90 images open in GIMP. They are not layers, and are "independent" from one another.
3. I want to make all of these images the same color, by using the colorize tool. The colorize tool can be found under the menu "Colors" and then selecting "Colorize..." I open colorize.
4. After opening colorize, I choose some new values and find something I'm happy with. Then I hit "OK". At THIS point, I would like Colorize to apply the values to ALL 90 windows - NOT just the one I'm working on. So you can see, how having a plug in to speed things up greatly. I plan to colorize these 90 files 7 different colors. Without the plug in that I am describing, I would have to manually perform the colorize tool 630 times. This is something I want to avoid :)

I hope this explains it better for you wacmaster (cool name by the way).

I am going to check out the link you have provided and maybe that will help me in some way.

Thanks again!

IF the image are all of the same size and you may rename them as "frames" ; adding a progressive number as prefix + same name(i.e 000001_image.png,000002_image.png )

then GAP has a command "Frame Modify" that allow to apply same command to all frames

Can't you just run the same filter (colorize), on all those images if you open them as layers, and link them all.?
Then use another filter (already created), to save them all as png images?

Try this
Open all your 90 images as layers
File/Open as layers

Now press down shift and select the area of the layer where you would normally link a layer.
You may have to do this twice to get all linked, i can't remember.

Now select the top layer select Colors/Colorize
Do your coloring - select okay to confirm the filter.
Now all the layers should run with that filter.

EDIT: nope doesn't work
I wonder though if the layer groups filter "transform layers" can be modified to do this?

That works! very nice to be able to run any filter on all layers.
Why isnt this just a separate plug-in ill never know.
Anyway you may want to put a tutorial up at Gimp chat or somewhere showing how to use the function for the modify filter in GAP.

Thanks PC that was the answer. :)

Here is a run down on how i had to do it - my first time btw so bare with me,.
First i copied all the images i wanted to redo at once into another folder.
Then i went ahead and opened all as layers
Then i renamed all with a _000001 - _000040 at the frame end name.
I used 40 images all the same size.
I went to Video/Modify Frames
Selected function - modify/colorfy
Ran the filter
All 40 colored a yellowish color (wish the colorfy filter had preview) - you may want to see if colorize is in the filter list.
I couldn't find it so i used colorfy

It worked and asked me after the first one if i wanted to continue i clicked yes continue and the filter colored all 40 the same overlay of icky yellow ... lol - (very slowly but i have only 512 mb ram) - took 3 minutes.
In that time i probably could have done all by manual - oh well may be faster for other folks.

Anyways why doesn't someone just create a filter that does this like GAP?
So easy and you can run any gimp filter on all layers at once!


I have followed your suggestion!

I have installed GAP and then I went to town with it and it seems to be doing what I want. It is not as efficient as I would like but this will work GREAT! Thanks a lot for your help, as well as all the other people in this thread - you have DONE IT!!!!

Please, everyone, go have a nice cup of coffee (or your favorite drink) for you have done GREATTTTTTT THINGS!

Yep - I am excited because I don't have to manually edit hundreds of files!!

EDIT: I wrote a program to rename all of the files after they have all been renamed from the save all layers process so now this is a VERY efficient process!

excellent news but is the program you wrote available ?
If so could you post a link ?


The program is just a quick hack I wrote in Eclipse in Java so it is not available anywhere yet. It did two things:
1. Rename the files to the correct names (on mass).
2. Move the files from one directory to another (on mass).

But if people are interested in some sort of utility to rename lots of files, etc, I may be willing to work on something like that!

the files back to original names would be very useful, especially in batch.
Their is a script that already saves all layers as png images to a certain directory.
Perhaps it could be updated with a feature like this?

Maybe because i have no clear what you mean for colorize tool
If is not a tool but a filter natively included in gimp then Gap should do the trick

Once you have Gap installed you may use Filter All Layers or Filter Macro

Saulgoodes combine or overlay background script - thank you Saul for your excellent advice on using this filter!
(this is only if you need a color or gradient or whatever in 1 certain location in all your layers.)

This is what i did to get it to work.
Download the script - after install you will find it in FX-Foundry/Animation/Overlay Background
Open all the images in layers you want to color
Now select the area you want to color or fill a certain way - paths tool or whatever.
Create a new layer fill or create your new color on the new layer
Delete the Background layer and make sure your new colored layer is at the bottom.
All your images you want colored should be above the new layer you just colored.
Run the overlay script
Hope that works for you!

best regards,

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