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How do I run an external program from script fu?

I have a command line program which converts text into an image and I want to make a script that lets me type in text, calls that program, then puts the image on my mouse so I can click it into the GIMP document to insert it.

How do I call an external program like that? The program gives me the image filename so I know what to do once I have the filename!

And after that happened and I have my image inside the script what do I need to do so that all I have to do is click to place the image?

Thanks a lot for any help! I am really stuck! I think it's TinyScheme.

I actually requested such a feature many years ago but apparently there is no way to do this from Script-fu. However, if you have Python installed, RobA has a cool Python plugin that will allow just this. Originally it was called XNView (, but he did some modifications to it and it is now called Shellout ( :)

Thanks that's fine I can use python instead of scheme. Thank you!

that script is perfect as template i mean works with most programs you just have to edit to add the name of the program to call and its path

In your case maybe you have to simplify the script, as now send a image to the external apps and pipe it back in gimp once edited, you want only start a external app.

i should have a version modificated in that way (to only call the GTK theme switcher, but you may replace that with your program and his path ) but not on this computer, i may search later

Thanks for the reminder - I've updated the plugin here with the latest Shellout version.

-Rob A>

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