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Remove scripts that only offer a subset of what already available in gimp

as example this 2 scripts

Should not be in the Registry , because only allow (much less of) what already File/save may do

note that the author didn't even care to reply to the comments

There are other examples but i found those the most disturbing, we cannot offer a quality control for all scripts and plugins, but why ignore such evident cases of ...what should be not in the registry ?

I agree

i agree

all the scripts written by any individual should stay in the registry.
After all who cares if they do the same thing as Gimp?
If you do not need them, don't download them.Simple as that.

Who knows maybe this individual will contribute something awesome in the future.

who knows the future ?
But yes is probable that in a even close future the same author may contribute with some good ,even excellent scripts and plugin.

only i was fearing a more close future with that seies completed thank to scripts as xcf2jpg,xcf2gif and so on.

This comes up every now and then:

I'd support some sort of script and plugin rating/screening and device the content here into "GPR Approved" and everything else.

-Rob A>

PC: Those two particular threads were removed via Ingo's permission. Any future script/plug-in that is redundant and outdated, and uploaded to the Registry, will meet the same fate/scrutiny. It appears spammers are trying new tactics for exposure.

We also need a reliable GIMP tutorial base for the more generic/broad questions that get asked on the Registry. Something along the lines of: "For creating beveled text, click here...." The Registry itself isn't a help site for learning GIMP (we do so only because we love to help people learn to use GIMP). I wanted to propose GIMP Chat for sending people to for help, since the site is very active, and users will clearly get helped quickly. What's your thoughts on this?

In regards to Rob A's thoughts, I have always had the same feelings. We have way too many scripts that seem to be inferior or mock-ups of existing scripts/plug-ins. I'm just unclear of where the line is in the sand on what we are permitted to "manage". I don't want to remove scripts or plug-ins that are beneficial, but there does need to be a standard or set of criteria that scripts/plug-ins need to meet in order to be posted on the Registry. That's my opinion, anyway.

As for the suggestion to re-adress general question on dedicated forum i agree
I think will be better a list, (that obviously should include gimpchat) as example Mac users may
be interested to know that there is a Wilder love Apple forum, the best (i suppose )to ask question speciphic for Mac

a list may be

IRC = gimpusers IRC
mail list : gimpusers mail list
forum overwiew :

add here what missed...

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