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Help for Newbies

Is there any really easy help section for a new person that isn't quite up to speed on the rather computerese of the gimp help files. I must be really bad but I am having a very hard time learning the program and it seems to be a program I could get a lot of use from. I just can't quite grasp the complexities of some things. Please E-mail me if you could help thanks! i really would appreciate it if you can stacnd some really bad questions. Of course I have always been told the dumbest question is the one not asked. Yes I have read most of the help files:)


you are not alone...

learning anything new takes time i saw somewhere once it takes five encounters with one word to learn it. so the same thing probably applies with every little thing you do in gimp how i learn gimp was reading and applying at the same time also you can search for ebooks on gimp on google ( i like using google to search for ebooks cause you can change the file extension your looking for just a tip)

If you're looking just for art, try clicking file>new, and use a standard image size. Use the paintbrush, pencil, airbrush, and eraser, and see how they're different. Try out some new brushes, like the hard edged sicrcles and the soft edged circles. Layers are like drawing on clear pieces of plastic and overlapping them... and play around with the drop down modes. Or just go to file>open and select an image in your files, and play around with some filters. If you don't understand something, then just play around with it.
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