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Hi guys,
I've just registered and I've got a REALLY BIG FAVOUR TO ASK!!

Does anyone know how to open a .psb file (made with Photoshop CS ) with the GIMP????
I've got a hard disk full with my digital arts and now I find out I can't use anymore 'cause I've switched to Ubuntu????
NOWAY !!! There must be some a way to open those bloody files!


i think gimp can open the photoshop format check this link for more info

The file-psd plug-in registers itself for the image/x-psd MIME type, the (BPS magic number and - if a file fails both previous methods - the .psd file name extension.

All that is different for the PSB file format, so it is likely that the current plug-in won't handle this.

Adobe has made the file format spec available in the meantime, so if someone is interested in improving the file-psd plug-ins, see for the format spec, grab the GIMP master branch from GNOME Git ( and contribute to the PSD plug-ins found at:

Sorry i don't think possible, gimp may (not always) open psd but i believe not psb

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