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.csh files in gimp HELP!!!!!!

i am a newbie with gimp........but, is there any way to use .csh files in gimp?

If not can someone please give me a little guidance on how to create shapes, without free-handing it?

Thank you in advance for any and all help anyone can give!!!!


Never saw a csh file, what you downloaded?

The help is always available online here may be also downloaded for local use

About installing help on the Windows version i know where problem not sure if solved, anyway in case the help came with a INSTALLER and do not include any csh file

are a shape file from Adobe PC.

You can not run them in Gimp sorry.
You can however run 8bf,PSD,PAT.ABR, and some ATN files with the correct plug-ins.
Use font ding-bats - import Inkscape shapes or -
Use the paths tool to make your shapes or utilize the select tool options - add to selection, subtract from selection...ect

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