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AKVIS Retoucher plugin

i found out that akvis has a lot of very beneficial plugins for photo editing softwares. however i found out that Retoucher Plugin is not available for GIMP. this is such a downer since this is a very important plugin.

i know some programming. is it possible to create an AKVIS Retoucher like plugin for GIMP?

anybody who knows how? can you help me and walkthrough with me in this project?

big thanks.


there is also the standalone version, about your project AKVIS Retoucher is commercial not Open Source so its code is secret as , i suppose the algorithm it use to denoise

but could be possible modify this script to call AKVIS Retoucher (Not the plugin but the standalone) from gimp..
this works well with many other SW so may(be) works also with AKVIS Retoucher

anyway you may found some very good denoising filter in the GMIC plugin, another alternative may be waveleight denoise (you will found both on this side)

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