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Wacom Graphire 4 - Pressure does not work

I use xp 2003 and use gimp primarely for my art. I got the tablet a few years ago but never could get the cd to work (personal issues) I was finally able to install the tablet and update the drivers, thinking that maybe now id finally have pressure sensitivity. Boy was I wrong, it recognizes the pen and I can move the cursor around. I went under the pen and checked off pressure - opacity it didnt work so i clicked around under the other pressure tools that gimp offers, to no avail. i then went under properties / input devices / configure. i thought that since i had installed new drivers that this might solve my problem but when i click on configure i get a pop up box that says "No extended input devices." and wont give me the customizable list for my tablet.

can anyone help me with this?


No real suggestions. I use a graphire 3 not 4 under windows XP and it works fine. I am using the latest wacom driver (actually the bamboo driver) without any issues. Only trick was to configure the extended devices to use the screen, not the default "window" setting.

-Rob A>

I have a Graphire 4s... well had, and I had the same problem. Gimp doesn't want to read some tablets for some reason, but you can work around this by actually opening gimp WITH your tablet. Worked for me. I am now having the same problem... except only with a newer tablet XD

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