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Microsoft 64-Bit OS/ Gimp# And Photoshop Actions Plugin Install (HELP!)

I hope you are all having a great day today. The reason for this post is that I have been trying to get Photoshop .ATN files to install in GIMP for over a week and a half now. I am new to using the GIMP software. I have received a great amount of help from from people in this forum as well as GIMP Chat getting the Gimp# and Photoshop Actions plugin installed. for that i am very thankful. :-)

The problem I now have because I am using Windows Vista 64-Bit OS is getting the .ATN files loaded so that I can see them in the Action script interface window on my GIMP screen. I see the interace window just fine, it is the .ATN files that i have put in the scripts folder that I can't see. I have had success getting the Photoshop Action Plugin and interface installed. Can anyone tell me how to set this up correctly ruining a Microsoft windows vista 64-Bit OS,or if you have any ideas as to how or where I should be loading all of my files to make them active? It seems that I may have installed some files in the wrong directories and folders because of the OS I am using. Any help that yo can give me will be greatly appreciated. ;-)


did you trird to follow wecmaster suggestion ?

"Okay i got it to work by placing the ATN files in the C:\documents and settings\UserName\.gimp-2.6\scripts folder.
Where UserName is the name of your user folder.

Restart Gimp after you add any ATN files.
Anytime you add a new ATN file open Gimp to see if it works.If it doesn't then remove it from the scripts folder.
Example Image can be found here"

if that doesn't work maybe you must try with different actions

Hi PhotoComiX,
How are you? Yes I have followed the suggestions given by wecmaster. The problem is that we discovered that because I am using a 64-bit OS that I may not be installing a number of files in the wrong OS directories. :-) Do you have any suggestions that my help? I am still looking for the remedy to this question.

lets go over exactly how you installed Gimp Sharp.
3 things you must have for it to work are
1) Mono - latest version (i tested this and it works fine)
2) Microsoft dot net framework (you can get this by just installing paint dot net)
3) GIMP Sharp0.15 setup.exe for gimp-2.4 (just rename the bin gimp-2.6.exe file to 2.4 while installing - change it back after install)

I doubt it's because of your 64 bit system as most 32 bit applications will still run on windows 7 ( except some anti-virus programs and some device drivers).

My best guess is windows 7 has a dif user docs setup and may confuse the plug-in.I am thinking it probably looks for the ATN files in C:\documents and settings\userfolder\.gimp-2.6\scripts folder.
When in reality the user folder for windows 7 is in a dif directory tree.

Try this - create a directory tree like above
C:\documents and settings\YourUserNameFolder\.gimp-2.6\scripts
where your YourUserNameFolder is your user name on your machine.

Place all the ATN files in there and try that.Maybe that will un-confuse the plug-in into thinking the user scripts folder is there. :)
If that doesn't work add a path to the scripts folder you have in windows 7 through edit/pref/folders/scripts

best regards,

i fear may be a little more complex:
in 7 " Documents and Settings" (note the capitals) does exist even if is unaccessible
To access to what inC:/ Documents and Settings the 7 user has to search in C:/ Users,that basically is a virtual directory
that mirror what , phisically contained in Documents and Settings

This sound very weird but you may just check browsing a Windows partition with a linux cd

So you can't create a new Documents and Settings directory because it already exist, even if its content its accessible only trought a apparently different path( C:/Users )
As far i know there is no any way from windows 7 to explore or modify what in Document and Settings if not using a linux CD or maybe in recovery mode...but there is exactly what you will expect be in " Users"

No idea why all this complications in Windows,
i have no personal interest to run PS actions with gimp but i may try later on if you didn't solve yet

I'm afraid you are right. I did try to install GIMP# yesterday (waited to see how you guys were succeeding or not; chicken I am; lol), and did change gimp from 2.6 to 2.4 and back again and indeed it installed, but, everytime I tried any of the presets, the filter itself would crash. Probably a Win7 issue and I just uninstalled it (like the picture icons that you saw for the individual filters though; be cool if GIMP filters would have such previews). Sad for me, but I don't really need GIMP# anyway. Someone's got to get this filter updated for GIMP 2.6, but looks like no one's seriously maintaining it w.r.t. Windows users. :)

it may have gone the way of the PSPI plug-in. lol :)
Lyle didn't PhotoMaster mention something about another folder he places all his win 32 bit programs?
C:\Program Files ~i386\ or something like that?Then he installs gimp there i think and adds the plug-ins there.
I could have swore he said he has this working on windows 7 - ask him for further assistance.
go to and find him there :)

I actually tried just installing the files using the installer (after renaming GIMP to 2.4 and then back to 2.6). Not really sure I want to go through the exercise again. The Windows version is already a few generations old anyway, and, besides, they need to compile the current one and for GIMP 2.6. GIMP 2.8 will be out soon anyway, and alot of the benifits (except maybe actions which is the reason this thread was started in the first place) for GIMP# will be realized via GEGL. :)

Ok, so I see how this could be installed on windows machines but what about installing this on Ubuntu? Any step-by-step instructions on how this would be done?

Thanks in Advance!

if you download the source in the README or INSTALL file should be all step by step instrutions

And in Lnux you may well run the latest version
If you have already compiled some even simple SW you should have no problem, same step same methods

If you didn't never compiled here the step by step guide you need

Ubuntu as default miss all the programs and libraries needed to compile, so you should add them
But don't worry is all explained on the page i linked

That and reading the README and/or INSTALL files in the source pack of the program you want install is sufficent not only to install gimp# but to install everything you may imagine

then...are you sure there is not a "deb" packadge on the gimp# download page?
Ubuntu is a Debian derivate, so very often Deb binary may be installed as where Ubuntu binary
(same for binary for older Ubuntu version)

No risk here if are not compatible a error message will pop out the install will abort and no damage will come to yours OS...

Thanks for the link PhotoComiX. That's what I was looking for. However, I'm still unable to install this. I've spent the last couple hours trying to figure this out yet I'm still unable to install this. You said "that should be trivial". Heh. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Unfornately, it's exactly that kind of thinking that makes it much less trivial than it "should be". Personally, I'm coming from Windows and trying to completely migrate over to Ubuntu and it is a much bigger chore than what people make it out to be (not that I mind).

Installing files in Windows, typically a double click will do (aside from having the .NET framework installed). Most people coming from Windows don't even know what "build from source" means, much less HOW to do it. Yet, in Ubuntu when I come across install problems people are always recommending to just build it from source (as if we should already know how to do that). At least you sent me a link telling me how to do it and pointing out the things I need to install BEFORE I can build from source.

Yet I'm still having a problem. Now I get this error:

"checking for MONO... configure: error: Package requirements (mono >= 2.8) were not met:

Requested 'mono >= 2.8' but version of Mono is 2.6.7

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
installed software in a non-standard prefix.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables MONO_CFLAGS
and MONO_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details."

So it looks like I need Mono 2.8, but I can find no way to get Mono 2.8 on my system. The badgeport ppa only offers 2.6.x. So now what? I have to build Mono from source as well? If so, this is all just a bit too complicated to be useful for a plugin for Gimp. I imagine, I could have made the images I wanted to use the actions for w/o the plugin by now. At least in Inkscape I could have (not as familiar with The Gimp yet). LOL

Anyway, any ideas now? If it's down to building Mono from source, I don't think it's worth it to me. But if there's an easy way to update Mono, that would be great.

Thanks again!


Find more information here

or download it from here

Hi wacmaster,

I know you are trying to help, but this just further confuses me.
I've already been to and for Ubuntu, it doesn't have 2.8 listed.

You say: "Find more information here"

But what I find is a file directory and a download. So are you saying I have to build mono from source? If so, that seems a bit much for the use of this plugin at the moment. Though I did find a couple of links that may help once I take the plunge and do this.


It's all a bit overwhelming just to get .atn scripts to work in Gimp, though it may well be worth it in the end. :)

One link had every conceivable download package for mono on it.
The other was to help you build mono from git. Forget that one.

If you didn't find your package there i do not know what to tell you.

You are right Ubuntu still use a quite old version (last stable is not even 2.8 but 2.10 )

i found a script that may help to install it

anyway the script will help, but is not something as a installer

about your question i really don't know if may be worth just to run PS actions:
what is good in action is that may be easily recorded , but gimp can't record actionxs
and that ready in my opinion are no better of the many script and plugin you may found for gimp

Thanks again PhotoComiX,

You found an even newer version than I did. :) I still haven't taken the plunge with this. Seems a bit daunting of a task for now. Is there any other reason why I might need this Mono? I mean, am I likely to run into more plugins or programs needing Mono? If not, I think I can do without for now. I'll probably give it a go before too long, but I have other things to do right now.

The only reason I was wanting to try the plugin is because I purchased a bunch of action scripts awhile back (which make really great looking software boxes, DVDs, Business Cards, Book Covers, etc.) and was curious as to how well The Gimp would handle them. I'm fairly certain that given a bit of time learning The Gimp, I could make these graphics w/o the actions. However, the actions do automate a good deal of the work for me in PS (rotating, shadows, gradients, blurs, mirror effects, text align, etc.). The actions take Flat Layouts and in a couple clicks, turns it into a nice looking 3D box, cover, cd, dvd, etc.

I can make comparable graphics in Inkscape, though it takes a bit of time to get everything aligned correctly (the part the actions do in photoshop). I'm sure once I spend more time learning the Gimp, I could do similar graphics in the Gimp as well. But curiosity got the best of me when I was fooling around in the Gimp, loading psd files. The actions do save a good deal of time in the end, but I'm not so sure how well the Gimp will really deal with them.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I've got that link bookmarked for when I feel up to trying my hat at compiling and installing the newest Mono.

Mono basically is a alternative to Win NETframework:
so many program may require it but you will not do nothing directly with it (except if you are interested to programming

Basically scripts are in gimp the equivalent in gimp of the PS recorded action, and here you will found a lot for any kind of task...what is still badly missed in gimp is not recorded action, but the ability to create new one without have to learn how to code

but on many gimp forum you may try to request gimp actions(=scripts) and request are often satysfied (even quicky )

Ok. That's what I thought. I've been running Ubuntu for several months now and this is the first time I've run across needing Mono so far. It wasn't even installed until I ran across this plugin needing it. So for now, I'll just do without. I do appreciate your help though and I'll tackle this sooner or later. But for now I'll be looking at the forums. As I said, it's unlikely that the actions are going to come out exactly the same in Gimp as in PS anyway. I don't think the Gimp deals with text the same way (at least that's been my experience so far) as PS.

...but i am not sure about the actions
I installed the last gimp version, i didn't anything special to install, all filters i tried do work

but again a didn't try yet with actions (again i have no motivation to use PS action with gimp ) but i may try later just to check

Thank you for your help PhotoComiX. I also have manage to get Gimp# installed and working. I am only having a problem running the PS actions. They all seem to crash when I try to execute them. I guess I will have to wait until someone comes up with a solution. :-)

Thanks to everyone here working on this subject.

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